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Firefly is dedicated to unlocking explosive growth for ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs that want to push the limits. We do this through digital marketing strategy, performance marketing (SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads) and data analytics.


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Ready to accelerate your business growth?

Ever feel that no matter what you try in the digital marketing space, you're left in the same position as before you started?

Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard-earned dollars on advertising campaigns that cost you more than they make you? Are you tired of listening to "self-proclaimed experts" that offer more excuses than solutions? How many cookie-cutter specialists have you met that push their own agenda trying to sell you something you don't really need?

Imagine if we told you there is a way to double (or even triple) your revenue over the next six months while building an insanely powerful brand setting you up for the long term… building a predictable growth machine within your business that makes you recession proof.

While it's not always easy and you absolutely do need to put in the work. We can help you take the guesswork out of digital growth so that you can spend your precious time on the other business levers that also matter.

We know there are countless ‘growth hackers’ out there right now, who promise business owners the ‘secrets to success’. But the reality is… there is no ‘secret’. Results are built from careful planning, execution and testing.

However, when you follow the patterns that have helped other businesses explode their sales through digital marketing, following proven and tested digital marketing strategies, you are one step ahead already. Throw in some creative flair and outside of the box thinking and now you are onto a winner.

You see, not one strategy will suit all businesses. And most agencies will try the "one-size fits all" approach, cramming you into their box.

This is why we have developed a new approach to digital marketing, A strategy first mentality. By doing the thinking up-front and investing in understanding your business, we can tailor a growth strategy that's right for you, giving you access to the world-class digital marketing guns in our agency and a track record to prove it.

In the last 5 years, our digital marketing have transformed over 500 businesses across 100 industries. We've won many awards ourselves, practising what we preach. In fact, we were named the fastest growing tech company in NZ and #17 in Australasia in our 3rd year of business, as well as the 28th fastest growing company and #1 fastest growing agency in NZ on the Deloitte FAST 50.

We've even helped companies top the Deloitte Fast 50 charts themselves, We've helped national franchises create predictable lead flow across the country, we've helped small businesses finally break free and see the growth they've always wanted and we've helped ambitious startups hit the ground running and fast track their business journey saving them years.

Too good to be true? Ask us about our performance guarantees. We are so confident we can grow your business and move it forward, if we don't hit the agreed KPIs, you don't pay us... we put our money where our mouth is.

Ask another agency about performance guarantees then watch them sweat and hear the excuses roll out.

If you're ready to commit to growing your business then grab your FREE 30 minute digital marketing strategy call and growth illumination report below. Please note this is not a sales call, and we are paying our digital marketing strategists to turn up to these calls who are there to understand your business and provide a growth blueprint to help you achieve your goals.


We are a performance digital marketing agency which is completely channel agnostic. There are no hidden agendas to sell you Google ads over Facebook and vice versa. We simply reverse engineer your clients attention and help create a winning strategy around the digital channels that are going to best serve your goals. 

You can expect a fully transparent relationship with Firefly, where we act as your trusted advisor. We charge fixed fees from our agency to carry out our work on your campaigns, and you pay the media publishers directly. No conflicts, no margins, no funny business, all with one inhouse team, with a true result orientated approach. Digital marketing is our passion and we're here to help light the way.


We have generated over four hundred million in sales with the framework and strategies outlined in this free report. Download it now before this book is published or your competitors get their hands on it.

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    Dan Wood Avatar
    Dan Wood

    Firefly have been nothing short of lifesaving. In 3 short months they have doubled our revenue.

    Leads are flying through the...
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does digital marketing cost?

Your campaign should be an investment, creating new sales and building your brand. A campaign that has "cost you money" has not been a successful one. Our goal is to ensure you are growing your business profitably.

There are two considerations when working with a digital agency and budgeting for your campaign.

What budget do I need to allocate to media publishers such as Google and Facebook (the ad spend) that will drive enough awareness, traffic and leads to achieve my goals? This spend goes directly to these publishers for ad cost via credit card attached to their platform.
This can be worked out fairly simply following average conversion rates and click costs which we have access to. Reverse engineer what you want to achieve, and figure out what numbers you need to achieve from a click cost or awareness, to conversion rate on platform or the website, through to your actual sales rate.

2. What are the fees I need to pay to the agency to manage these campaigns for me?

Some agencies will charge a percentage of spend, some will charge a fixed fee, some will markup the cost of the spend, some will do hourly, and others will run performance based pricing.

Firefly takes pride in offering digital marketing at a fixed fee and also has performance based pricing for high growth businesses. We believe this is the best approach as you are paying for a result. The flat percentage model is flawed as you have a vested interest to increase spend with media publishers even if this is not the best idea. The hourly creates clock watches that ultimately doesn’t serve you. Fixed and performance basis is built around results and outcomes.

Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

Everyone has an opportunity cost. Firefly employs an external accountant to complete and file our taxes. Could we do them ourselves? Sure… Poorly. Is our time best spent working on our clients digital marketing campaigns? Absolutely.

You have a business to manage, you have sales to drive, you have staff to lead and you have a set of specific skills that are probably far more superior than digital marketing.

A great agency will bring “on the job” experience to the table which should allow you to drive a better result with the same budget. The additional exposure, brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately, business growth will provide a higher return then doing it yourself.

Have you heard the saying “jack of all trades, king of none”? A great agency will bring specialists into specific problems and opportunities, rather than all rounders. Having a deep understanding and skill set for each digital area such as only facebook advertising or only google advertising will drive better results.

Firefly have a combined digital marketing experience of 60+ years, have managed over ten million dollars worth of ad spend for our clients and we hire specialists that focus on one area, bring them together under one roof, and partner them with our clients working together to get explosive results. We use agile marketing to make sure our specialists work together and combine the deep knowledge they have, unified across your campaigns and marketing.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a detailed plan to attract, win and retain customers online. A digital marketing strategy will usually include research into your targeted customers and personas, recommended digital channels that focus on your target customers and where they spend time online which include paid, earned, and owned media, detailed content strategies that speak to this group of people helping them take action, a reporting framework that allows you to track and measure of your results through data analytics and key performance indicators or KPIs which are your measurement for success.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the practise of promoting your business across the internet, through various digital channels. These can include SEO (search engine optimisation), Google ads (ppc) Social media ads including but not limited to (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat), content marketing and more. Digital marketing strategies usually involve directing a potential customer to a landing page or website, where they can find more information and enquire directly as a lead. Social media channels such as Facebook are working on ways to keep the customers on platform, and generate the lead directly here instead of sending them off platform to a website. Campaigns such as a lead forms are setup to capture details without the potential customer having to click and leave.

What makes Firefly the best choice for digital marketing in New Zealand?

Firefly’s team of specialists are hand-picked like a fine wine. With some of senior team exceeding over 20 years in the digital space, and others picking up awards for campaign performance, you can rest assured knowing the only the best and skilled digital marketers will be working on your campaigns and business.

Our business has accumulated a mass amount of I.P working with hundreds of businesses over the years, spending well over $10,000,000 worth of ad spend and optimising 1000’s of keywords to page one of Google. We combine smart technology solutions and pair this with good, old fashion strategy and creative thinking.

Our people aren’t just our greatest asset; they’re family. We live and breathe digital, always striving to be better than we were yesterday.

We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes and provide a range of services including SEO, Google ads solutions for service and ecommerce businesses, Social media advertising solutions across all of the platforms and advanced data analytics and reporting solutions.

How does your fee structure work?

Firefly charges a fixed fee retainer for all of our services, depending on the scope and level of service your campaign requires. 

You pay the media publishers (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) directly via credit card and we recommend monthly spends as your trusted advisor.

This model is fully transparent and you are able to request invoices directly from Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. We have no incentive to increase your spend with Google and Facebook unless it serves your goals and is recommended by us to increase your leads and sales. We have productized all of our pricing to make it easy for you to grow and scale with Firefly, adding on new services when you require them. If you are interested in seeing our pricing, just request a 30 minute strategy call here: https://fireflystrategy.typeform.com/to/sG1VpQ

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